Civil Society Strengthening

Building and cultivating a strong, adaptable civil society is central to PartnersGlobal’s history and ongoing mission. We work with civil society organizations (CSOs) through the entire phase of their organizational lifecycles. Our Resiliency+ Framework supports CSOs to prepare for and navigate changes in their environments, especially as civic space shifts. Our global network of skilled trainers and facilitators provides CSOs with the critical inputs they need when facing organizational or political challenges or preparing for success in the long-term.

Areas of Interest

We take a cooperative, restorative approach to advocacy that is self-reflective of our own cognitive biases and intentionally inclusive of different perspectives. Our approach adheres to principles of non-violence, social justice, and human rights with a long-term view of restoring broken, polarized societal relationships and supporting a democratic, pluralistic society.

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We are committed to advancing inclusive leadership by providing marginalized individuals with the skills, experience and knowledge to excel. We also work to create enabling, rights-respecting environments in organizations, communities and countries that foster diverse leadership.

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From our beginning, we have supported the capacity building of local leaders and organizations. Our expertise has made us leaders in partnering with and supporting civil society organizations through all stages of their organizational development.

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Our Resiliency+ Framework helps organizations identify external threats and internal vulnerabilities impeding them from implementing effective and resilient operations. We help CSOs prepare to operate, adapt, and thrive in response to change.

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Signature Approaches

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Narratives for Peace To effectively promote social change and bring different groups of people together, we have to start by engaging narratives.
Resiliency+ Around the globe, government restrictions on freedoms of speech, assembly, and association are changing the operating environments for civil society organizations (CSOs)