Work Empowerment for Women in Iraq

During the last decade, the social and economic status of Iraqi women has dramatically declined, forcing them into roles that are hidden from the civic and public sphere. Discrimination and marginalization for women reached its peak under Daesh in occupied cities. Still today, as the country begins to pick itself up, many Iraqi women are isolated from formally participating in the economic, social, and political development process.

Over 2015 and ‘16, the Iraqi parliament drafted and adopted a new labor law, which is now considered to be one of the most progressive labor codes in the region. With exemplary provisions related to sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination, the new law ensures that women participate front and center in Iraq’s economic redevelopment.

In collaboration with the Government of Iraq, represented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Higher Judicial Council, as well as Iraq Bar Association, labor unions, and local civil society, PartnersGlobal and Partners Iraq are working to increase protection and access to equitable employment for women in Iraq. With greater cooperation and a shared agenda, our coalition increases the impact of our actions. Together, we are working towards three main goals:

  1. Reducing women’s vulnerability to harassment and discrimination in the workplace through legal assistance and access to information on their legal rights;
  2. Improving governance processes and networks of support for women to assert their workplace rights by working with labor judges, lawyers, and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs inspectors; and, finally,
  3. Improving social attitudes towards working women and their rights in workplaces across Baghdad and Basra.

PartnersGlobal is ensuring mutual collaboration and participation over the life of this project to guarantee our sustainable impact, increasing women’s contribution to Iraq’s economic development and building a brighter future.