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Partners Perspectives

Get unique insights and perspectives from PartnersGlobal experts and the greater Partners Network on pressing topics in peacebuilding, democracy, and development. From on-the-ground analysis of what’s driving conflict to practical resources for civil society leaders, Partners Perspectives offers fresh takes on challenges, opportunities, and developments in our field.

Good vs. Toxic Polarization: Insights from Activists and Peacebuilders Reema Saleh, Horizons Project Research Assistant
Polarizing narratives are key tools of nonviolent mobilization and social justice activism. But today, deep-seated polarization, exacerbated by a... Keep Reading
Healing US democracy starts with understanding our values, norms, and narratives Jillian Slutzker Rocker
What are the common values that underpin US democracy? What is the “big story” we all share about how... Keep Reading
PartnersGlobal’s Resiliency+ Roundup – May 2021
This month, we’ve curated some timely, practical, and inspirational resources to support your organization’s resiliency. From a super-list of... Keep Reading
Bridget O’Loughlin named PartnersGlobal’s Director of Business Development
PartnersGlobal has promoted Bridget O’Loughlin to Director of Business Development. She moves into the lead business development role after... Keep Reading
Breathe. Persist. Repeat.
George Floyd’s life mattered. After less than a day of jury deliberations, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was... Keep Reading
PartnersGlobal Resiliency+ Roundup – April 2021
Cultivating resiliency in your organization or movement is an ongoing process. Rather than reaching a set endpoint, you must... Keep Reading
Partners Network announces winners of its Women, Peace and Security Research Fellowship
Partners West Africa Senegal, Partners West Africa Nigeria, and PartnersGlobal are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021... Keep Reading
Are we second-class citizens? Fatema Al Majed
Female citizens of Bahrain married to foreigners demand citizenship for their children Through its Strengthening Implementation of the Personal... Keep Reading
PartnersGlobal Resiliency+ Roundup – March 2021
At this point, most of our organizations have had a year of adaptation as we adjusted to a new... Keep Reading
Shaping a more secure Guinea through community policing
Five Years of the Partners for Security in Guinea project Through its five years (2015-2020) the Partners for Security... Keep Reading
US and Uzbek local government share experiences at first-ever virtual exchange Jillian Slutzker Rocker
Tashkent and Los Angeles are some 7,204 miles apart, but if you ask a local leader from either city what their most pressing issue is, you will likely get a similar answer: being responsive... Keep Reading
How to invest in narrative competency and combat toxic polarisation Julia Roig and Melanie Greenberg
In part one of this series, we argued for why philanthropy should invest in narrative competency to help combat toxic polarisation. Here, we... Keep Reading