ResiliencyPlus Framework

PartnersGlobal’s ResiliencyPlus Framework helps civil society to identify external threats and internal vulnerabilities impeding them from implementing effective and resilient operations. Around the globe, government restrictions on freedoms of speech, assembly, and association are changing the operating environments for civil society organizations (CSOs). But healthy societies need these organizations to hold governments accountable, protect human rights, provide needed services, and advocate for marginalized groups.

As these shifts happen, the civil society sector has been forced to rethink traditional organizational development models that are geared toward sustainability, an idyllic end state of equilibrium. Instead, civil society must think about what is necessary to navigate the short-term twists and turns on the road to reaching that end state. Organizational resiliency allows CSOs to adapt to the impacts of quickly changing external conditions in order to prepare and respond effectively.

The first of its kind, the framework provides a nuanced understanding of how organizations can operate, adapt, and thrive in response to multifaceted and multi-dimensional changes in social, political, and economic dynamics. Using this information, the Resiliency+ Framework provides a menu of strategies, tactics, tools and peer-to-peer assistance to help CSOs strengthen seven key resiliency factors. The resiliency process is comprised of four main phases, with accompaniment by an expert team of coaches, serving as mentors and connecting organizations to other key resource partners with knowledge in one or more threat or resiliency factor.