Peace & Conflict

Since our beginning in 1989, PartnersGlobal, then called Partners for Democratic Change, has been focused on providing citizens the tools and skills they need to peacefully navigate change and resolve conflict. Today, PartnersGlobal and members of the Partners Network continue to lead the field in transforming the way leaders in government and civil society think about conflict and conflict-sensitive development. We provide expertise in facilitation, mediation, and conflict analysis to support communities in peacefully addressing grievances and moving toward a more engaged, accountable, and sustainable future.

Areas of Interest

We guide those working for social change through the process of engaging with narratives, or cognitive frameworks, to better connect with diverse groups and avoid polarization. Our approach underscores that the ultimate goal is not to change others’ narratives, but instead to engage with them and create shared meaning together.

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We work with local and international partners to ensure both economic and natural resources are used sustainably. Our success is rooted in the belief that confrontation between environmental and economic progress can be peacefully negotiated in a way that benefits everyone.

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Our peacebuilding approach centers on “positive peace,” which is not just the absence of direct violence but also the unequal systems and social norms that legitimize it. In our work with civil society, social movements, and governments, we play the role of integrator, helping build relationships among different actors at the local, national, and international levels to work toward common goals.

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For a community to be able successfully come together to tackle shared challenges, a sense of social cohesion is critical. This is especially true in diverse societies and those facing conflict or crisis. We work with all members of a community—local leaders, civil society representatives, women, youth, and marginalized groups—to jointly address and resolve conflicts and build a better future.

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Signature Approaches

Narratives for Peace To effectively promote social change and bring different groups of people together, we have to start by engaging narratives.
Pathways to Sustainable Mediation Pathways to Sustainable Mediation is a peer-learning based program to support sophisticated Mediation Promoters to build long-term, sustainable mediation programs in their own contexts.
Positive Peace in Action To truly thrive, societies need to not only be free of violence, but to also support equality, justice and peace in the long term. This state is called positive peace.