Engaging Narratives for Peace: A conversation with Julia Roig

  February 3, 2020

PartnersGlobal President & CEO Julia Roig discusses the organization’s Engaging Narratives for Peace research and approach. She explains that social change agents must acknowledge their own cognitive biases and mental models in order to avoid further polarization and isolate potential allies. The right narrative framing, however, can help build connections and create change.

She also explores how narrative engagement can contribute to Restorative Advocacy when our goal isn’t to change others’ narrative understanding or identity, but rather to “complexify” narratives, especially in the public sphere. Read more about their work here: https://www.partnersglobal.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Engaging-Narratives-for-Peace-1.pdf

Julia delivered this talk at a Nov. 2018 event convened by Oxfam at the Ford Foundation in New York City.The event brought together a creative, diverse and wide-ranging group of organizations, networks and movements experimenting with the idea of using narratives to open civic space. Watch the full panel here: https://youtu.be/38vKpCvpzBo