Our peacebuilding approach centers on “positive peace,” which is not just the absence of direct violence but also the unequal systems and harmful social norms that legitimize it. In our peacebuilding work with civil society, social movements, and governments, we play the role of integrator, helping build relationships and link different actors at the local, national, and international levels to work toward common goals. Rather than having a set end in mind, we believe the work of peacebuilding is ongoing – a continuous approach to solving problems holistically by including diverse actors and perspectives.

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Signature Approaches

Engaging Narratives for Peace PartnersGlobal guides peacebuilders through the process of engaging with narratives, including looking at their own narrative frameworks, to avoid further polarization and isolating potential allies.
Pathways to Sustainable Mediation Pathways to Sustainable Mediation is a peer-learning based program to support sophisticated Mediation Promoters to build long-term, sustainable mediation programs in their own contexts.
Positive Peace in Action To truly thrive, societies need to not only be free of violence, but to also support equality, justice and peace in the long term. This state is called positive peace.