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Middle East & North Africa

Our network in the Middle East and North Africa region has a strong focus on supporting a well-functioning, independent civil society sector that has the independence to develop and execute their own local-level initiatives. Together with our network of partners, we are able to promote democratic governance and engage civil society across the region during times of conflict and peace.

We work with our network to advocate and promote:

  • citizen engagement
  • good governance
  • transparency and accountability
  • the peaceful resolution of differences and conflicts
  • and much more across the region

Local Partners

With affiliates in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen, and committed partnerships with local organizations across the MENA region. Our network is able bring organizations, activists and entrepreneurs together to promote for collective action, coalition-building, social cohesion, and empower marginalized voices to have a say in the decisions that affect them the most.

Protests in Focus: In Iraq, corruption is the biggest driver of instability and now protests

Learn more about the tools, approaches and resources related to our work in the Middle East & North Africa.


Engaging Narratives for Peace Guide The Narratives for Peace Guide is a call for the peacebuilding community to conscientiously analyze our own narratives a...

Signature Approaches

Narratives for Peace To effectively promote social change and bring different groups of people together, we have to start by engaging narratives.
Pathways to Sustainable Mediation Pathways to Sustainable Mediation is a peer-learning based program to support sophisticated Mediation Promoters to build long-term, sustainable mediation programs in their own contexts.
Resiliency+ Around the globe, government restrictions on freedoms of speech, assembly, and association are changing the operating environments for civil society organizations (CSOs).