Our Expertise

Since our founding, PartnersGlobal has always bridged the intersection of peacebuilding and democracy-building. We have hard-earned expertise in accountable governance, working strategically with all levels of government around the world on needed reforms and public policy. Our commitment to peacebuilding and human security has led us to establish trusting partnerships with security sector actors, giving us needed access to improve the relationship between citizens and those who are meant to protect them. We believe that citizen participation is at the heart of all democratic societies and that a thriving civil society sector is necessary for people to organize, protect human rights, and effectively engage in the decisions that affect them most.

Accountable Governance

Accountable governance is an ongoing process driven by good leadership and decision-making. We are committed to working across sectors and in collaboration with our government and civil society partners to improve rule of law, boost citizen participation, protect human rights and increase transparency and accountability.

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Civil Society Strengthening

Building and cultivating a strong, adaptable civil society is central to our history and ongoing mission. We work with civil society organizations through all phases of their organizational life cycles, helping them to navigate social and political change in the short term and prepare for success in the long term.

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Security Sector

Many countries face the challenge of how to approach security sector services in an inclusive and sustainable way that effectively balances security needs and citizens’ rights. We are committed to supporting governments through this process in a participatory manner that brings in the experiences and concerns of those most affected by security forces and regulations: citizens.

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Peace & Conflict

With a long history supporting countries and communities to peacefully resolve conflict, we provide insight, training, and proven methods that promote dialogue, mediation, and long-term peace. Our teams provide the skills and approaches needed to understand and resolve complex conflict from environmental conflict to inter-community disputes.

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