Pathways to Sustainable Mediation

Pathways to Sustainable Mediation is a peer learning based approach to support sophisticated mediation practitioners to build long-term, sustainable mediation programs in their own contexts.

A special thanks to the JAMS Foundation for their investment in the design and piloting of this program.

PartnersGlobal has an international team of pioneering mediation experts who bring a diversity of perspectives and cultural backgrounds to tailor the Pathways for Sustainable Mediation approach to your needs.

  • The Pathways approach can be delivered in modules or as a complete training program, and we have successfully offered: half day workshops; one-day educational sessions; and, three to five-day full training programs for diverse international audiences.
  • Geared for an international audience of mediators and conflict transformation practitioners, the Pathways approach is also delivered through a series of webinars with active online facilitation and peer learning for regional or global cohorts.

For more information on customized training and webinars offered, please contact [email protected]