Environmental Conflict

When economic development is seen to conflict with preserving biodiversity and environmental health, neither interest is fully served. PartnersGlobal works with local and international partners to ensure both economic and natural resources are used sustainably. Our success is rooted in the belief that confrontation between environmental and economic progress can be peacefully negotiated in a way that benefits everyone. We work with governments, citizens, and businesses to craft sustainable solutions that prevent violent conflict, enhance local economic and democratic development, and protect the environment

South America! Fracking’s Next Destination
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This is the default image Beyond the Fracking Wars: Reaching Consensus with Multi-Stakeholder Frameworks

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Peru: Confrontation or Cooperation for Sustainable Development (2005) In over 200 interviews with government officials, local and international NGOs, embassies, and corporations,

Signature Approaches

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Narratives for Peace To effectively promote social change and bring different groups of people together, we have to start by engaging narratives.
Pathways to Sustainable Mediation Pathways to Sustainable Mediation is a peer-learning based program to support sophisticated Mediation Promoters to build long-term, sustainable mediation programs in their own contexts.