Our work in Asia focuses on building organizational capacity for civil society organizations. With a focus on long-term resiliency, we work with our local partners to support civil society organizations in identifying external threats and internal vulnerabilities and preparing for change and uncertainty. By building networks of civil society organizations and growing their capacity, we support a strong thriving civil society.

Our initiatives in the region, past and present, support:

  • civil society strengthening
  • resiliency-building
  • organizational development
  • and capacity building

Local Partners

We work with civil society organizations with a deep history in the region that are embedded in the local context and culture. Our work focuses on building the capacity of these organizations to grow networks, support local efforts, and thrive in the long term.

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Resiliency+ Framework The Resiliency+ Framework helps CSOs to identify the external threats and internal vulnerabilities impeding them from im...

Signature Approaches

Narratives for Peace To effectively promote social change and bring different groups of people together, we have to start by engaging narratives.
Resiliency+ Around the globe, government restrictions on freedoms of speech, assembly, and association are changing the operating environments for civil society organizations (CSOs).