Local Organizations – Movement Towards Self Reliance (2019-2022)

One of the main challenges facing nonprofit organizations today are the real (and perceived) limitations associated with a donor-driven business model, which assumes there is only one way to raise money through fundraising rather than revenue generation. PartnersGlobal is currently working on a project led by The Cloudburst Group that focuses on resiliency-building for non-profit organizations in Cambodia. Partners has a long history of supporting organizational strengthening processes and authored the ResiliencyPlus Framework. In this project, Partners will support 60 organizations through a resiliency process, specifically related to revenue diversification to decrease reliance on single donor funding and network strengthening both in and across sectors.

The project engages nonprofit organizations from across the public health, education, food security, environment, and democracy/governance sectors. Each organization is led through a tailored resiliency assessment and organizational resiliency building process that results in a Resiliency Plan to help them address their most pressing needs. The process is led by local civil society experts, who are trained by PartnersGlobal as Resiliency Coaches. This approach ensures local contextual and cultural factors are considered when going through a resiliency process. Through these interventions, organizations are able to experiment with and adopt the most effective tools, strategies, and mechanisms for decreasing their reliance on single donor funding.

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