Mission & Vision


PartnersGlobal serves as a catalyst, helping to transform the way individuals, communities, businesses, and government institutions come together cooperatively for a more peaceful, inclusive, democratic, and prosperous world.

We do this by acting as an integrator of global and local change makers. We foster the conditions for peace by channeling the right resources, harnessing momentum, and fostering collaboration. We cultivate respectful, trusting relationships that link different actors so they can uncover common goals and generate creative solutions to achieve greater impact.


PartnersGlobal envisions a world where all of us – communities, governments, organizations, and businesses – work together to peacefully manage change.

We believe in the power of local leadership and global collaboration to achieve inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous societies. That’s why we build linkages among different actors, foster lasting partnerships, and help people create just and democratic societies where:

  • Rights are respected
  • Conflicts are resolved without resorting to violence
  • Ordinary people shape decisions that affect them
  • Resources are carefully managed and conserved for future generations