Promoting and Enhancing Local Stabilization in Yemen

Amid one of the world’s most devastating conflicts, examples of resiliency in Yemen continue to inspire even the most cynical. At the district, village and community levels, leaders work tirelessly to secure essential resources where they are needed most. For example, initiatives to protect families as they relocate to new communities and resolve disputes before they escalate have contributed to the stability of individual neighborhoods, districts and governorates in the face of broader conflict.

Through the Promoting and Enhancing Local Stabilization in Yemen (PELSY) programPartnersGlobal and Partners Yemen are working to provide locally legitimate authorities with strategies and skills that will help them address a wide range of community needs. We also support these authorities to leverage effective partnerships to manage scarce resources and rebuild their communities. Through strong partnerships and impactful community projects, we are helping to strengthen the norms of participatory governance, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable peace.

February 16, 2009, Beirut, Lebanon – A social worker uses cards to help Iraqi refugees review the trainings they have received over a 12 week period through the Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center in Beirut. CRS supports the center in its efforts to provide material, financial and psychosocial support to refugees and foreign workers in Lebanon, many of whom have limited rights and often struggle within the structures of Lebanese society.
Photo Credits: David Snyder for PartnersGlobal