Empowering Kuwait Women in Politics

Despite decades of success in education, leading social programs, and advancements in the private sector, women still face numerous obstacles in achieving political leadership positions in the Gulf region. PartnersGlobal has been working for several years with women leaders and women-led CSOs in Kuwait to push the conversation around women’s rights and empowerment forward, and to actively address persistent barriers that prevent women from accessing decision-making processes.

Students learn in a vocational training course in Agadir, Morocco. Photo Credits: Jake Lyell Photography for PartnersGlobal

In this program, PartnersGlobal is supporting women candidates trying to break the glass ceiling in Kuwait’s electoral process. We are helping the cohort of women leaders develop strong connections to an effective civil society network. The group will also conduct gender-focused advocacy campaigns. As a part of this project, a group of Kuwaiti women traveled to Washington DC and Dearborn, Michigan in the Spring of 2018 to learn more about political campaigning, build their professional networks, and cultivate their political skills.

We are proud to work with Ibtakar Strategic ConsultancySmash Strategies, and en.v on this initiative.

Funded by the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative