Communities Building Peace Together – Guatemala (2018 – 2023)

The proliferation of social conflict marks the social and political landscape of Guatemala. These conflicts manifest themselves through road blocks, public protests, and seizures, in some cases leading to dialogue and in others escalating to further conflict. These tensions play out against a backdrop of endemic poverty, inequality, insecurity, and weak institutions, which can be seen as results of entrenched corruption.

PartnersGlobal is one of the implementing partners of a five year, USAID-funded peacebuilding program in Guatemala that seeks to reduce social conflict and violence and improve social cohesion and peacebuilding in Guatemala’s Western Highlands Region. Partners is serving as a peace and conflict advisor and leading the institutional strengthening component, which entails working with government officials and social actors to develop and strengthen a culture and capacities for dialogue, negotiation, consensus-building, and collaboration. Since 2020, Partners designed and delivered four comprehensive online courses containing over 65 hours of learning to more than 100 participants. Topics included:

  • Collaboration for crisis management
  • Impacts and response to the pandemic and subsequent crises
  • Resiliency to navigate uncertainty
  • Citizen participation to address crises
  • Conflict transformation theory, methods, and approaches
  • Dialogue and facilitation
  • Transformative peace education

In 2020 and 2021, Partners also designed and delivered a multi-session online awareness program on effective and nonviolent communications. Below is a step by step guide on the basic steps for different conflict analysis tools created for this initiative (in Spanish only). For more information on our peacebuilding and conflict transformation programs, click HERE.