Horizons Project

Narrative Competency is a pillar of Creative Communications – one of the 7 core factors of the PartnersGlobal ResiliencyPlus Framework.   For the past five years, we have harnessed the collective experience of our Partners Network Centers to capture tools and tactics for the effective use of creative communications to build constructive narratives for civil society in a time of increasing polarization and divisiveness.  We have promoted deliberate skill-building on storytelling and commanding use of narrative language to bolster civil society’s ability to increase their resiliency to external shocks and improve their vulnerability to counter negative narratives as individual organizations and as a sector.  This is achieved by unifying and amplifying strategic messages to communicate the collective voice of civil society actors.  This is also a key tool for building cross-sectoral collaboration and collaborative advocacy outcomes.

In 2021, with funding from Humanity United, the PartnersGlobal Institute launched the Horizons Project – a 12-month exploratory grant designed to identify ways to strengthen the intersections between networks and approaches connecting peacebuilding, social justice, and democracy fields in the United States.  Partners has always been proud to support courageous leaders, seed new approaches, and help break down siloes for improved collective action.  This successful initiative, led by then-President Julia Roig, was incubated by PartnersGlobal and is now being accelerated through the New Venture Fund where Ms. Roig is currently leading a team of experts to further develop the Horizons Project as a stand-alone initiative in 2022.   This innovative work will expand the know-how and connections initially built from experience within our broader Partners Network to support restorative movement-building and democratic renewal in the US.

PartnersGlobal wishes our former President Julia Roig success growing the Horizons Project in its new home at the New Venture Fund.  For more information about the activities under Horizons, visit the website and YouTube page today!

And for more information about the PartnersGlobal ResiliencyPlus Framework, click here!