Horizons project

Around the globe, countries and communities are deeply divided, entrenched into polarized camps based on politics and other identities. This polarization leads to mistrust in our fellow citizens and our institutions and the inability to come together to solve shared problems.

To find solutions to today’s challenges, we must find new paths forward together.

The Horizons project brings peacebuilding approaches into broader society to help reduce polarization and strengthen relationships built on trust and a shared story of connection and possibility. Supported by Humanity United, PartnersGlobal has convened a “Brainstrust” of top thinkers and implementers on depolarization, social justice and peacebuilding to bridge theory and practice in the U.S. and abroad.

Formed as a network for dissemination, allyship and action, this Brainstrust is mapping actors who are critical to this work, including human rights advocates and international and local peacebuilding organizations, and engages them in broader conversation about the narratives, language, and strategies needed to bring new allies into our efforts, rather than reinforce divisions through our advocacy.

This work builds on PartnersGlobal’s current research initiative with the Frameworks Institute on Narratives for Peace, which has identified narratives, or frames, used by the American public in thinking and communicating about peace and peacebuilding, and those used by the peacebuilding field. This project is also working to find new narratives to close the gap between peacebuilders and the public to elevate support for peacebuilding.

With this research as a foundation, the Horizons project is developing a practical “playbook” for activists and civil society on how to conduct advocacy in ways that restore societal relationships and depolarize rather than divide, while still working toward social justice aims. This Narrative Competency Playbook for Restorative Advocacy will be shared not only with civil society organizations and nonprofits, but with creatives, entertainment industry leaders, advertisers and business leaders who are in the driver’s seat of culture change.

Now more than ever, we need to support those with the skills and networks to help depolarize our communities. We need leaders who can help address trauma and injustices while restoring societal relationships. This is what the Horizons project is working to achieve.