PartnersGlobal Appoints Amy Miller Taylor as Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) of Powered by the People – the $45m USAID initiative to Strengthen Nonviolent Social Movements Across the Globe 

PartnersGlobal announces the appointment of Amy Miller Taylor as Deputy Chief of Party of its Powered by the People (PxP) initiative, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance. As the single largest democracy and governance grant awarded by USAID’s DRG Bureau to date,  PxP ushers in a new era of global grantmaking that elevates movement leaders in Global Majority countries by directly supporting them and their mission.  PxP’s  commitment to locally-led programming and resourcing of movements will rely on and actively integrate PartnersGlobal’s Resiliency+ Framework™ that will be used to protect movements and human rights activists through a holistic approach of generating social, intellectual, and financial capital, in direct response to the needs identified by the movements and their leaders.     

Amy is working alongside PartnersGlobal Chief of Party, Alex Sardar, to ensure that all programming elements adhere to PartnersGlobal’s core values, and that the ethos of innovation and experimentation are embedded and operationalized throughout all activities.  

Amy brings over 20 years of experience facilitating global networks and partnerships, delivering programs that strengthen civic action, and advocates for practices that make social good organizations more effective and accountable to the communities they serve.  

“Amy has considerable knowledge in building, resourcing, and sustaining networks that deliver on their social justice missions,” shared Sardar. “And with years of lived experience in various Global Majority countries, Amy brings just the right combination of leadership acumen, empathy, and vision to contribute to this complex and rewarding endeavor.” 

“The inclusion of Amy on the PxP leadership team adds vital connections to movements and resources that will deepen the ecosystem of activists and human rights defenders bringing value to this project that prioritizes local design, decisions and actions.,” said Roselie Vasquez-Yetter, Co-Executive Director. 

Amy’s deep experience supporting collective action through inclusive design is an asset to PXP’s work with activists demanding peace, justice and accountability across the globe.,” added Kyra Buchko, Co-Executive Director. 

Amy has held varied leadership roles, working for and with Accountable Now, CIVICUS, Global Integrity, and WINGS. A lifelong learner and explorer, Amy actively seeks opportunities to expand her understanding of cross-cutting issues for civil society, from civic space and corruption to climate justice and technology. She is inspired by Partners’ commitment to supporting those on the frontlines of rights-based movements and the potential of Powered by the People to enable collective action that advances human rights, social justice, democracy, and inclusive development. 

Amy earned an MA in sustainable international development at Brandeis University. During her graduate studies, Amy worked with Search for Common Ground Liberia and studied the relationship between community radio and post-conflict development. Originally from the United States, she has spent most of the past two decades living in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Amy shares, “I am honored to work with Partners and the PxP global partnership of more than two dozen social justice organizations who bring deep contextual knowledge, skills, and relationships that will build our capacity as global allies and collectively make us more responsive to local movements and their leaders.”