PartnersGlobal to Lead International Consortium Awarded $45M Powered by the People Grant by United States Agency for International Development 

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has selected PartnersGlobal to lead a global consortium that will implement Powered by the People (PxP), a five-year, $45 million grant and largest single award to date by USAID’s Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance. 

The initiative will strengthen the agency, resiliency, and efficacy of activists advancing human rights, social justice, democracy, and inclusive development worldwide. Powered by the People was announced by President Biden at the first Summit for Democracy as a key commitment under the Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal.  

PartnersGlobal will lead a consortium of over two dozen local, national, regional, and international organizations, including Afrikki, CANVAS, FSC Indigenous Foundation, Fundación Avina, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), Guardian Project, the International Center for Non-Violent Conflict (ICNC), the Movement for Community Led Development (MCLD), the Prague Civil Society Centre, Saferworld, Videre est Credere, and a variety of activist-led collectives and groups creating positive change in their communities. PxP activities will include providing direct and accessible funding to civic actors at the community level while ensuring access to protection and response networks for embattled activists that are in danger or under threat.  

“We are honored to lead this innovative partnership with USAID and our consortium colleagues. PxP presents a unique opportunity to apply learnings from our 30+ years of experience elevating local leaders and marginalized voices to create resilient civic space and thus strengthen peace and stability,” said Kyra Buchko and Roselie Vasquez-Yetter, PartnersGlobal’s Co-Executive Directors.  They added, “Partners is deeply committed to supporting activists and movement leaders on the frontlines of building more inclusive and rights-based societies around the world.”  

Powered by the People features a unique public-private partnership between USAID and Humanity United (HU), a philanthropic organization dedicated to cultivating the conditions for enduring peace and freedom. HU has committed $750,000 to support PxP and intends to host a multi-donor fund that will provide additional resources in response to priorities identified through the initiative.