Eva Rodriguez Bellegarrigue, founding Director of Partners El Salvador, joins PartnersGlobal’s Board of Directors

  April 18, 2023

PartnersGlobal is pleased to announce the appointment of Eva Rodriguez Bellegarrigue today to its Board of Directors. Rodriguez Bellegarrigue, founding Director of Partners El Salvador, brings expertise in peacebuilding and promoting the rule of law, with more than a decade serving in leadership positions in bilateral institutions and nongovernmental organizations.

“Eva’s remarkable track record of collaboration with Partners and her extensive experience in peacebuilding will offer invaluable insights to the Board,” said Partners Board Chair Chris Mitchell. “We are eager to learn from Eva’s regional expertise and perspective, as well as her inclusive and participatory approaches to peacebuilding, in addressing the root causes of conflict in a variety of contexts,” added Co-Executive Director Kyra Buchko.

Eva’s history with Partners began in 2013 when Partners El Salvador, formerly known asFundación Iris de Centroamérica, joined the PartnersGlobal peacebuilding network. Eva founded Fundación Iris in 2012 with the aim of promoting dialogue, peace, and democracy-building. Under Eva’s leadership, Partners El Salvador worked extensively with local communities, civil society organizations, and government agencies to promote peace, security, and social justice across the country. Her team designed and implemented innovative peacebuilding and mediation initiatives and built strong relationships with dozens of local and international partners and stakeholders.

Eva is a member of the Aspen Leadership Global Network and a pro bono advisor to the international organization New Acropolis, where she leads a project supporting the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16, focused on peace and justice. She holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the Universidad Centro Americana “Jose Simeon Cañas,” and studied human rights and mediation at De Paul University and George Washington University. Eva is currently a Peace Fellow with Rotary Peace Foundation at Uppsala University Peace Center in Sweden.

Eva urges, “It is important to create synergy between the perspectives of the global North and global South in this particular moment in history. As a member of Partners’ Board of Directors, I am honored to support the organization’s mission of promoting sustainable peace and security around the world. By working collaboratively and inclusively with diverse communities, we can make a real difference in the lives of people affected by conflict and violence.”