Strengthening Human Rights Systems in El Salvador (2017-2020)

Since the conclusion of a civil war in 1992, El Salvador has struggled to strike a balance between maintaining domestic peace and protecting the human rights of its citizens. Despite the challenges of the Salvadorian context, the government and civil society have demonstrated their commitment to improving the situation. Together with Counterpart International, Due Process of Law Foundation, and Partners El Salvador, we are working to strengthen Salvadorian civil society’s human rights advocacy.

With a focus on women, youth, people living with disabilities, and LGBTI populations, we are collaborating to strengthen human rights advocacy in the country. We are using our cooperative advocacy approach to help these groups develop common advocacy agendas and build stronger relationships across sectoral, political, and social divides. With greater cooperation and a shared agenda, these diverse activists are increasing their impact with a united voice to advocate for needed human rights protections. Partners El Salvador spearheads this work on the ground by leading dialogue and consensus building processes across the country and by developing the capacities of these groups to work together and advocate in a more effective way.