Social Entrepreneurship for Democratic Governance and Peace in Senegal and Nigeria (2016)

With increased competition for donor funding, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) need to adapt new business models to diversify income streams and enhance their sustainability and impact. Recognizing this trend, PartnersGlobal and its regional centers Partners West Africa – Senegal (PWAS) and Partners West Africa – Nigeria (PWAN) piloted an initiative to support CSOs as they develop new revenue generating activities through employing entrepreneurial approaches and tactics to sustain their operations and enhance their impact on democratic governance and peace. The Social Entrepreneurship for Democratic Governance and Peace initiative brought 45 private sector and CSO leaders together to identify overlapping interests and entry points into securing private funding streams that complement shrinking public and philanthropic funds. PartnersGlobal has developed a suite of tools and guidelines to assist CSOs to diversify revenue streams within our larger Organizational Resiliency Framework. We are committed to enhancing revenue diversification within the civil society sector through stronger organizational assessment, planning, training, peer mentorship and accompaniment.