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Accountable Governance

Good governance is the foundation on which a peaceful, prosperous and dignified society is built.

Candidates' PanelGovernance is the processes of decision-making in a society and the processes by which those decisions are implemented.  Partners creates the platforms for leaders and citizens to cooperate, ensuring that those who are affected by a decision have a voice in the process.

Government is just one of the actors in governance.  Others may include NGOs, research institutes, religious leaders, media, international donors, multi-national corporations, political parties, and influential land owners.  Partners works with all of these sectors to strengthen their communication, management and conflict resolution skills, enabling them to improve the transparency of decision-making and implementation processes.  This builds legitimacy and trust in the government, controls corruption and promotes citizen participation.

Partners expertise in governance includes programs in the following areas:

  • Participatory Policy-making
    Partners participatory methodologies transform top-down policy-making, (which often results in imperfect implementation on the ground), into living, responsive democratic processes. Partners provides essential skills to local government officials, citizens and civil society organizations, and helps set up official processes and structures to promote cooperative problem-solving and long-term collaboration between sectors. More...
  • Anti-corruption
    Corruption corrodes trust between citizens and government and reduces economic growth. In Partners’ experience, establishing cooperation between the government, civil society and private sectors promotes accountability and transparency, therefore preventing and decreasing corruption. More...
  • Rule of Law & Mediation
    Democratic societies provide meaningful access to justice and efficient dispute resolution systems that provide legal certainly while allowing for the reconciliation of relationships.  Partners promotes Mediation and Restorative Justice as essential components of an inclusive modern system of justice, establishes community mediation services, and teaches mediation skills to a wide variety of groups involved in the administration of justice within the judicial branch and community justice systems. More...
  • For more information on Partners' Accountable Governance programs, please contact
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