Islands of Integrity (2017-2018)

Corruption constitutes one of the largest drains on democracy and prosperity in Central America today, with a series of high-profile scandals demonstrating how corruption hinders economic growth and government effectiveness. In partnership with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Central America Programme FundPartnersGlobal invested in local capacity and network-building of a cadre of anti-corruption practitioners to work directly with local governments in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua to improve good governance and reduce corruption through institutional change, using the renowned Islands of Integrity methodology.

Our two-part training process, with virtual and in-person Knowledge- and Skills-Building Components, prepared these Practitioners to join a global network of professionals working strategically and collaboratively with government officials to identify corruption vulnerabilities and implement treatment plans. In parallel, PartnersGlobal engaged mayors in the four target countries to present an innovative alternative solution that engages them as partners, not enemies, in the fight against corruption. Ultimately, PartnersGlobal is matching skilled trainers with interested mayors and facilitating the signing of Memoranda of Understanding to implement the Islands of Integrity methodology. Connecting practitioners to a sustainable global network ensures that learning continues beyond the project life-cycle.

Learn more about this program directly from participants here.

Funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Central America Programme Fund