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Partners in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan AfricaWorking with local leaders in seven countries in West Africa, Partners contributes resources and facilitation expertise to solve development challenges. We work with the region’s vibrant civil society to improve the transparency, accountability, and responsiveness of local and national governments, and strengthen the relationship between governments, security services, and citizens to promote stability and prosperity. 





For more information on Partners work in Sub-Saharan Africa please contact:

Kehinde Togun, Deputy Director, Sub-Saharan Africa Region
phone: +1 973.342.9700 

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Community Police Reform in Guinea

Partners for Security in Guinea aims to improve trust and cooperation between police and community members – also known as improving “citizen security” – by strengthening the overall community-focused services of the Guinea National Police (GNP).

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Amb. Mark Bellamy on the Escalation of Political Violence in Africa

From August 4th-6th, 40 heads of state from across Africa met in Washington DC for the Africa Leaders Summit, in which meetings and events focused on the economic importance of the continent. Here, Partners Board Member Amb. Mark Bellamy discusses the risks of political violence in the region amidst such economic growth.

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Security Governance, Accountability & Performance Assessment Framework

The success of reform efforts should be measured not simply by how many laws are passed, but by how well the reformed institutions perform. Partners is developing an analytical framework that will help leaders from civil society, government, and the security sector to evaluate the status of their reform efforts.

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