White Paper for a Definitive Peace in Casamance

Casamance: the longest running conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the signing of numerous peace accords between the Senegalese government and the Mouvement des Forces Democratiques de Casamance (MFDC), the region remains in a situation of “no peace, no war”. The sustained instability in the region has adversely affected citizens’ lives in a variety of ways, diminishing their economic opportunities, limiting their movement, and changing social structures. The impacts on local communities, women, children, and youth are enormous. Specific impacts on women’s lives and wellbeing have been particularly significant, being both direct victims of various forms of sexual and gender-based violence; and indirect victims as the mothers, widows, daughters, and sisters of detained, killed, or disappeared men. In response to continued conflict and instability on civilians’ lives, the White Paper offers recommendations for the governments of Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, and the Gambia; MFDC; municipal and local authorities; communities; CSOs; and technical partners.

The policy brief is available in English, French, and Portuguese.

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