Resilient Conversations Podcast

We live in an increasingly dynamic world that is experiencing a range of changes to civic space – the ability of people to exercise their right to free speech, expression, and assembly. These changes vary from country to country, but collectively are impacting civil society’s ability to serve their communities and operate freely without fear of repercussions.  As an organization that advances resilient civic space throughout the world, we wanted to create space for learning and reflecting on the civil society experience from the individual, organizational, sectoral and systemic perspective. So we started Resilient Conversations – a podcast that that explores different facets of civil society resiliency by talking to experts and peers who have had to navigate shifting dynamics and adapt how they function. Our podcast also captures insights and lessons from the implementation of our ResiliencyPlus approach – a civil society strengthening process for organizations operating in different levels of closing civic spaces. We invite you to take part in this collective conversation either by listening below or being a guest on the show and contribute to a global resilient civil society community.