Narratives for Peace

A global “War of Ideas” is threatening peace and stability. How can we create a shared narrative of global peace to build empathy and drive collective action?

By galvanizing diverse talents and perspectives we can raise the collective message that peace is possible. PartnersGlobal and the Alliance for Peacebuilding are proud to ignite conversation and connections between creatives and peacebuilders to uncover new thinking, new tools, and new partnerships for peace. We all have a role in grounding lofty ideals to amplify and spread messages of progress. Join us in bringing to life stories of our shared humanity to counter divisive narratives of intolerance and hate.

There are many ways to get involved with the Narratives for Peace project. Together we are working to:

narratives for peace website

PartnersGlobal and the Alliance for Peacebuilding have received a grant from the U.S. Institute of Peace to support our Narratives for Peace Initiative in 2018.

With this grant, we are uncovering how to increase the impact of campaigns, messaging and public outreach of peacebuilders and civic activists through more savvy understanding of the ways we can contribute to shifting public narratives. With USIP support, we are:

  • Designing a Narratives for Peace Resource Guide that presents advice and lessons learned from various sectors and professionals on what works and what doesn’t in combatting divisive narratives of intolerance and fear.
  • Convening a series of Narratives for Peace events to bring Creatives together with Peacebuilders to spur exchange, partnerships and opportunities for on-going collective action to promote positive public narratives.
  • Creating the infrastructure for a Platform to serve as a virtual receptacle for resources on narratives, to capture continual learning and adaptation of the Narratives for Peace Resource Guide; and, to create opportunities for on-going collaboration amongst different professions to engage together and find ways to build on each other’s talents and networks.


In partnership with TOMS, PartnersGlobal was a co-sponsor of The One Club 2017 advertising student competition. Hundreds of students from around the world entered the competition to develop creative campaigns to help market Partnerships for Peace. During 2017 Creative Week, we launched our first Creative Braintrust to bring together creative industry leaders with peacebuilding professionals to begin the conversation on how to re-brand peace;

Following the success of last year’s endeavor, PartnersGlobal has partnered with The One Club for Creativity and UN TOGETHER for another student competition. Learn more about the 2018 Young Ones TOGETHER poster campaign here.


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