Using Technology to Increase Access to Justice: Best Practices from the Reforming Pretrial Detention in Nigeria Project

This manual addresses Gender Equality in Iraqi Labor Law No. 37 of 2015, and the Iraqi Employment Policy. It offers guidance on the concepts of gender inequality and discrimination, protection of motherhood and sexual harassment in the provisions of the Iraqi Labor Law, and international labor obligations and best practices for gender equality. With a total of ten sections, the manual offers facts and examples of gender equality and inequality, data from Iraq and remedies available to victims of gender-based violence, and recommendations to advance the work environment for women and all employees.

Issued by PartnersIraq, the manual was developed in collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Iraqi Bar and local experts. It was made possible with the support of Global Affairs Canada under project name Women Empowerment in the Workplace (WEW).

For the guide in English, click HERE or read below. For the guide in Arabic, click HERE.


Today, levels of violence and political instability reach all corners of the world. We are collectively alarmed by the vitriol and deepening polarization in our societies. Our original commitment to create safe spaces where true discussion and differences of opinions emerge remains critical now more than ever.

This presentation by Javier Carrasco Solís of the Instituto de Justicia Procesal Penal, AC was presented during a PartnersGlobal webinar called “How Criminal Justice Systems Can Prepare for Future Pandemics: A Look at Policing.”

Active in Nigeria since 2013, PartnersGlobal is an international non-governmental organization that transforms conflict and promotes access to justice and good governance. Together with New-Rule LLC, a small US-based woman-owned organization with decades of rule of law expertise, Partners West Africa Nigeria (PWAN), and the Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI), Partners is implementing the Reforming Pre-trial Detention in Kuje Prison project (Reform Kuje).

Located in the North-West of Nigeria, Kano State is the economic hub of Northern Nigeria. With high poverty rates, few public defense lawyers, expensive legal fees, and a lack of knowledge of available resources, citizens are often unable to access fair legal representation. Funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), Partners is working closely with Partners West Africa Nigeria (PWAN), the Democratic Action Group, and our strategic partner New-Rule LLC to provide effective legal aid, rights-based education, case data collection and management through the development of a Case Management System (CMS), and increase access to justice for Kano’s indigent community.