Partners for Security in Guinea (2015-2020)

Strong rule of law lies, partly, in citizens’ confidence in law enforcement’s impartiality and fairness. PartnersGlobal and our Conakry-based partners, CECIDE and COGINTA, share a mutual belief in respect for fundamental rights and have been implementing the Partners for Security in Guinea program together since 2015. The project aims to educate citizens on their rights and engages youth, women and local leaders in community safety and crime prevention dialogue with the Guinea National Police. Police officers also receive training on better policing etiquette to improve community and law enforcement trust and cooperation in Conakry (Dixinn and Kaloum,) Kindia, Kankan, Labé, Mamou, and Siguiri.

In March 2017, with support from COGINTA and CECIDE, PartnersGlobal organized a successful Share Fair in Conakry with over 700 participants. Many of them returned for a second Share Fair in December 2019. These events created space for open dialogue between Guinean policy makers, practitioners and civil society organizations on crime prevention policies, localized solutions and current security priorities at the national and local levels. The Share Fairs also strengthened bonds and collaboration between youth and police through soccer tournaments with mixed police and youth teams.

Due to the increased involvement of women, youth, local leaders and trained police officers in promoting security in the Dixinn and Kaloum sub-prefectures of Conakry, the Partners for Security in Guinea program, which was initially slated to end in 2017, was extended in July of 2017 and in December 2018 to continue the implementation of project activities in Conakry and to expand the activities to five more regions in Guinea: Kindia, Kankan, Labé, Mamou, and Siguiri.

Funded by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement