Intro to Narratives

Narrative is much more than a mechanism of communication or messaging. Narratives affect all people at a basic neurological level of our thoughts, our perceptions and our fundamental sense of personal and collective identity. Narratives drive our ideas and beliefs, which then lead to our actions. For more introductory information on narratives:


  1. Opening Discussion of Engaging Narratives Conference May 2017

2. Sandra de Castro Buffington Ignite Talk

3. Frank DiGiovanni Ignite Talk

4. Christopher Holshek Ignite Talk

5. Ajit Maan Ignite Talk

Additional Introductory Resources:

  1. White Paper on the Key Role of Human Geography, Culture and Language in Effective Communication, May 2017.
  2. “More Than Just a Story” in Modeling Sociocultural Influences on Decision Making
  3. Narratives and Story-Telling
  4. Storytelling and Narrative Construction in Peace and Conflict Studies.
  7. International Storytelling Center.

To understand more about the importance of narratives: