Engaging Narratives for Peace and Security

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, a group of sixty experts from various sectors, representing U.S. government, non-profits, academia and industry convened in May 2017 to reflect on the importance and power of narratives. As a part of our Narratives for Peace initiative, PartnersGlobal and the Alliance for Peacebuilding are pleased to continue to convene this group and to make available the important content generated by our collective expertise.


After sharing our stories, research and experience, and after engaging each other in active discussions over two days at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University, we agreed upon these guiding principles:

  • That we each have critical perspectives to offer, based on our unique experiences, outlooks, and fields of interest.
  • That improving the way we tell stories requires a purposeful, dedicated effort informed by the best research, applied science, and lessons from practitioners in the field.
  • That our shared stories become stronger through exchange among diverse individuals, functions, sectors, and communities.
  • That we must all be advocates at our organizations and in our fields for a sustained commitment to bringing an understanding of narrative to everything we do.
  • That communication at and across all levels is key to working together effectively on shared narratives.

Finally, we believe that the continued collaboration of a diverse and engaged Narratives community is essential, and will strive to nurture this community and the sharing of information and practice as we prepare for the future.

To understand more about the importance of narratives:

Reflections on the Case of Human Migration

On September 28, 2017, PartnersGlobal and the Alliance for Peacebuilding hosted a follow up workshop to the original Narratives for Peace and Security conference in May 2017. Experts from an array of sectors convened to discuss narratives in the case of refugees and migrants.

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