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Partners in Europe and Eurasia

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Europe and EurasiaPartners for Democratic Change was founded in Central and Eastern Europe with the realization that the transformation from Socialism to vibrant democracies would require support for local leaders to adapt international models of participatory decision-making and collaboration to their own culture and context.

The Partners Network in Europe includes some of the continent’s finest experts in facilitation, mediation, conflict resolution and civil society development. The Centers work in their own countries includes: improving citizen participation in governance, strengthening links between sectors, and addressing the challenges of minority inclusion and immigration.

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Europe & Eurasia Items
Partners Annual Report 2012

What difference did Partners make in 2012? Read this report for an overview of our work, and highlights from Belize, Albania and regional programs in West Africa and the Middle East.

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New case study on addressing corruption in Romania

Partners Foundation for Local Development (FPDL) in Romania led a systemic process to address the roots of corruption in local government. This case study details the process they used and the results of their intervention.

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Partners Supports Private Sector Mediation

Partners-Serbia is expanding the use of mediation in the business sector to prevent and resolve conflicts that can discourage investment and economic development.

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