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Partners West Africa - Senegal

The former Partners Senegal transitions to a new name and a stronger regional presence in West Africa

With a new Director, Dr. Aidara Wakha, the Partners' affiliate in Dakar is transitioning the organization under a new name, Partners West Africa (PWA). 

Many of the challenges in West Africa are unconstrained by country borders, and work spanning Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, and other West African neighbors is a growing part of Partners West Africa's portfolio. As PWA pivots to take on a new role in the West Africa region, we will focus on two main areas of work: Governance, and Security.  PWA will build on the work PS has done in Senegal and throughout the region on corruption and transparency, and will also explore issues such as governance and leadership.  

In the area of security, PWA has worked extensively on Security Sector Governance.  As with PS, PWA will continue focusing its attention on citizen security and security sector reform, while exploring issues such as regional integration, civil-military Relations, and women in mediation and conflict prevention.  All new programs of PWA will have a component on women and youth.  

PWA will also carry out research in the following areas: 

  • Exploring the Nexus between Governance, Security and Health;
  • Regional Integration and Security;
  • Public-Private Partnerships;
  • West Africa as a Fragile Region; and
  • Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development through African Solidarity.



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Click here for a case study on Partners West Africa and gender mainstreaming in Senegal.

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Director: Aidara Wakha
Center since: 2010
Contact Information:
Liberte 6 Extension, Lot 000;
Dakar, Senegal


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