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Fundatia Parteneri Pentru Dezvoltare Locala

Partners-Romania, part of Partners’ network since 1997, works to enhance the democratic process of governance, civil society development, and dissemination of change and conflict management skills and services in Romania and internationally. The Center specializes in local government reform, providing municipal officials and communities with skills and processes in citizen participation and change and conflict management to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability.

Partners-Romania’s main areas of expertise include:

Local Government Reform. Partners-Romania implements two complementary municipal development programs:  Working Together Program for Governance and Local Leadership in Central/Eastern Europe and the Southeastern Europe Municipal Development Program (co-designed and managed with Partners). The goal of these programs is to build a sustainable regional network of trainers skilled in local government reform, through a series of training-of-trainers, technical assistance follow-up, and the development of in-country action plans to implement skills learned. Further, the networks provide peer support through information and resource exchange. These ongoing programs have resulted in a cadre of trained practitioners and reached over a thousand municipal officials throughout the region. Visit the Good Governance page for case studies.

IntegrationMinority Rights. Partners-Romania works with local and regional government officials and minority representatives to facilitate dialogue to build cooperation and improve minority status and living conditions. The Center convenes municipal officials, police, Roma community representatives, local media and others to discuss the situation of minorities in the country and develop creative solutions on Roma rights, including working with the National Office for Roma, Department of National Minorities, to develop a national strategy paper for improving housing, educational and employment opportunities in the country.

Conflict Analysis, Prevention & Resolution Center. In cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, Partners-Romania is developing a Conflict Analysis, Prevention & Resolution Center (CAPR) to increase the capacity of government and civil society to analyze, prevent and manage conflicts in the social sector. The CAPR will build a cadre of neutral conflict management professionals, conduct research on Romania’s conflict resolution needs, and implement workshops and consensus building initiatives in communities.

Citizen Participation. Partners-Romania is implementing an ongoing project entitled ParticipationBuilding Bridges, the goal of which is to increase citizen participation in local decision-making by facilitating participatory problem-solving processes with municipal government leaders and citizens in selected communities. In this program, Partners-Romania is developing easily adaptable, innovative training manuals, and will disseminate them to Romanian NGOs through trainings-for-trainers and cooperative planning processes.

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Center Profile

Local Name: Fundatia Parteneri Pentru Dezvoltare Locala
Director: Ana Vasilache
Center since: 1997
Contact Information:
Str Piata Amzei 7-9, sc D, et 6, ap 34, Bucharest
Tel: (40-21) 313-5664, 313-5668

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