We Are All Peacebuilders

By Julia Roig on September 21, 2016

Do you consider yourself to be a “Peacebuilder?” What perceptions might you have about what that means? The truth is that everyone has a role in helping to build peace, not just the world’s leaders or trained professionals, but ordinary citizens.

As we celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21, watch Julia Roig’s Tedx talk on five misperceptions of Peacebuilding to discover a different picture of Peacebuilders and how you might see yourself as one of us.

Share how you contribute to peace using the hashtag #WeAreAllPeacebuilders and then find out how you can help support peacebuilders around the world here.

Julia Roig

Julia Roig, J.D.

Julia Roig, President of PartnersGlobal, provides technical and strategic leadership for the international network of 21 Partners’ affiliate organizations. She represents the organization within the foreign assistance community with a personal commitment to multi-lateralism and global cooperation. As President, Julia has solidified private sector partnerships to reach development goals and is spearheading linkages with entertainment and advertising industry leaders to support peacebuilding efforts. She is a substantive expert in Good Governance, Rule of Law, and Conflict Resolution, and has provided systems design, strategic planning, cooperative advocacy, program management, community outreach and training throughout the world.

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