2021-2022 Impact Report: Our Resiliency Journey

The global events of the past three years have fundamentally altered the nonprofit space. At a time when trust in institutions, leaders, and systems is at an all time low, the need for strong communities and civil society is great. As a result, PartnersGlobal has adapted all aspects of how we work and how we think about our role as a peacebuilding organization based in the US and with programs around the world. It’s also reminded us about our why – to contribute to resilient communities and civic spaces to bring about more peaceful, secure, and accountable societies.

Below is our 2021-2022 Resiliency Report, which is a snapshot of the different impacts and outcomes from our collective efforts during the period of January 2021 through June 2022. To download the report, click here. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey.


Want to know how we at PartnersGlobal, together with our network colleagues and project partners, weathered the immense changes that occurred this past year? Check out our 2020 Annual Report. It tells a story of resiliency – within the organization, as a member of a network of organizations, and as a sector – in the face of unprecedented environmental challenges and an unknown future:

“If we had to pick one word to encapsulate 2020, it would be ‘resiliency.’ While we started the year with our usual budgets, project schedules, and organizational plans, the COVID-19 pandemic threw us and the rest of the world into unknown territory. Seemingly overnight, the patterns and systems we had taken for granted were upended.

But as our homes became our workplaces and our plans and practices shifted in line with our new reality, we realized that the resiliency reserves we built as an organization and as a Network over the last 30 years would get us through this unprecedented time. Our experience building successful partnerships and programs around the globe through wars and dictatorships and through financial wins and shortfalls shaped us. And our resiliency made 2020 not only a year of learning and change, but also a year of growth.”

Click on the image below to access the full report.

PartnersGlobal Annual Report 2020

Today, levels of violence and political instability reach all corners of the world. We are collectively alarmed by the vitriol and deepening polarization in our societies. Our original commitment to create safe spaces where true discussion and differences of opinions emerge remains critical now more than ever.

In a year where fractures and divisions seemed to widen, PartnersGlobal and the Partners Network stepped up to bring diverse groups together, safeguard the space for dialogue that is so pivotal to democracy and work toward a positive peace and development that is inclusive, rights-respecting and just.

A high-level summary of our activities and services rendered around the world in the 2014 fiscal year.

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