ResiliencyPlus Rapid Coaching Guide

In July 2020, the National Endowment for Democracies (NED) engaged PartnersGlobal to promote new models for building civil society resilience in Central Europe. In partnership with our sister organizations Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia and Partners Hungary, Partners implemented a 17-month civil society resilience-building project using our trademark ResiliencyPlus Framework (R+). R+ is a new approach to understanding the challenges of a shrinking civic space and charting a path for civil society organizations and actors to adapt and thrive in response.

Thanks to the generous support from NED, Partners has produced the following document to provide a quick overview of the R+ Framework as well as some guidance on how to operationalize (the R+ Process) with local organizations interested in strengthening their resilience. Our long-term vision, with support from NED and other funders, is to establish a lasting infrastructure of resiliency support for civil society in the region. We hope that this quick guide on process and coaching will contribute to that vision.