Yes to Resiliency! But HOW does civil society become more resilient in these uncertain times?

  May 28, 2020

It is both an unnerving time for the civil society sector and a moment of opportunity for innovation and greater connectedness. The term “resiliency” seems to be popping up everywhere as we collectively try to navigate a global pandemic. Advice is streaming into our feeds and inboxes about how to best serve the most pressing needs of our communities; find emergency funding for our staff and programs; build partnerships; advocate, mobilize and figure out new modes of working at a distance.

It has been inspiring to see so many organizations adapting quickly and rising to the challenge; and conversely, completely understandable how exhausting all this “pivoting” is in practice. PartnersGlobal has a framework that puts it all together under one process to help our civil society colleagues pause and prioritize the most pressing aspects of staying resilient.

In partnership with CIVICUS in 2018, PartnersGlobal developed the Resiliency+ Framework, including seven key areas of resiliency. The Resiliency+ Framework offers a way of thinking about organizational change, including the tools, skills and mindset shift needed to prepare for and thrive in moments of crisis.

Partners recently put together a content series that explores the Framework’s seven main factors of resiliency as well as their sub-categories with a curated list of existing resources and tips for those civil society actors dedicated to peaceful, democratic change in their countries.

  1. Adaptive Capacity: Preparing for the Unknown
  2. Resiliency Ethos: Embracing Uncertainty 
  3. Situational Awareness: Systems Thinking 
  4. Business Acumen: Entrepreneurial Mindset
  5. Connectedness: Greater than the Sum of the Parts
  6. Narrative Competency: The Power of Intentional Communication
  7. Legitimacy: Radical Transparency and Constituent Engagement 

How do organizations build their resiliency?

The answer is through a combination of situational awareness, intentional management of vulnerabilities, and deliberate nurturing of adaptive capacity across the organization

PartnersGlobal believes that this three-pronged approach to building resiliency is best bolstered through peer-to-peer exchange and coaching, and we have assembled a cohort of Resiliency+ coaches from the Partners Network who are currently working throughout the world with organizations individually and in groups.

The R+ Framework outlines a facilitated process.

  1. First, we conduct a rapid online assessment of internal vulnerabilities within organizations.
  2. Then, we work with our colleagues to analyze the current ecosystem to reflect together on future trends and scenario planning.
  3. Finally, we develop Resiliency Roadmaps that draw upon the most relevant tools and methodologies available to address the specific vulnerabilities and threats. Partners has a library and network of resiliency resources to help implement those roadmaps taking advantage of all the amazing work already being done and brokering connections with those who have expertise.

Ultimately, we are all working toward a Resiliency+ “North Star.”  The Partners Network is building a movement of resilient organizations and networks to support broad needs within global civil society networks to function and thrive in this new reality. We are solidifying new processes and collective action in a way that is responsive to the needs of local organizations and local realities. And we are part of a global effort to change the paradigm of how civil society is supported and funded.

PartnersGlobal looks forward to working with you on this journey toward a more resilient, connected civil society in this time of global transition and renewal. Check out ways to get involved below!

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The Resiliency+ Framework: A Guide for Civil Society to Thrive in Uncertain Times helps civil society organization to identify the external threats and internal vulnerabilities impeding them from implementing resilient operations. Using this information, the Resiliency+ Framework then proposes a menu of strategies, tactics, tools and peer-to-peer assistance to help civil society organizations achieve the seven key drivers needed to adapt quickly in the face of closing civic space.

Download the Framework here:

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