Building Hope Amidst Turmoil

Over the past several weeks, Yemen has faced significant challenges. But this renewed instability is unfortunately nothing new. Since the war erupted in 2015, the people of Yemen have faced critical hardships: over 24 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, with over 20 million grappling with food insecurity. Malnutrition affects more than 2 million children under the age of five. Healthcare is scarce, and the conflict has led to the displacement of over 4 million people. As I reflect on this decade of turmoil, the urgency of a comprehensive and sustainable resolution for Yemen, backed by concrete action, becomes increasingly apparent.

I’m proud to be part of an organization that is contributing to such positive change. Currently, our organization is working in Yemen alongside Partners for Supporting Integrated Transition (PartnersYemen), and in solidarity with local civil society and survivor groups to amplify needs and priorities for justice and accountability. Our aim is to garner support for a Survivor Framework for Truth and Justice, laying the groundwork for a more inclusive, effective, and enduring peace. The efforts of organizations like ours, alongside others striving to build a more prosperous and sustainable Yemen, underscore the impact of small but meaningful contributions. Even from a distance, we have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of those facing adversity.

In moments of reflection, I choose not to be overwhelmed by sadness but instead let it drive a sense of purpose. The interconnected nature of humanity empowers our collective empathy to transcend borders and bring comfort to those in need. As I navigate my emotions, I am committed to being a part of the positive change that the people of Yemen so rightfully deserve.

– Hasna, the storyteller