02 – Accountable Governance

Accountable governance is an ongoing process driven by good leadership and decision-making. PartnersGlobal is committed to working across sectors and in collaboration with our government and civil society partners to improve rule of law, boost citizen participation, protect human rights and increase transparency and accountability. Together, we’re working to build strong institutions that are well-managed, corruption-free, and responsive to the needs of the people.

We work on the local, state, and national level with governments, justice system officials, lawyers and civil society to improve citizens’ access to justice. Together with our partners, we advance critical legal reforms, strengthen judicial institutions, and ensure the most marginalized in society know their rights and have access to quality legal services.

We believe specific and contextualized methodologies are needed to ensure the fair and equal participation of all stakeholders in diverse settings in order for citizens to have a voice in decision-making. We focus on applying tailored methods and tools to mobilize citizens, taking into account differences in power, access and culture among different populations.

We work with governments and civil society to strengthen human rights protections. Together, we promote democratic space, strengthen human rights advocacy and monitoring, and prevent discrimination and exclusion of vulnerable groups while improving their access to services.

When governments fall short, we offer a distinctive solution to tackling corruption. Through our Facilitating Accountability, Integrity, and Resilience methodology (FAIR), we actively engage those typically perceived as part of the problem as partners in creating long-term solutions hand-in-hand with civil society.

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