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Partners Peru

Socios Perú/Centro de Colaboración Cívica

Staff Partners-Peru is a Peruvian civil association with the mission of managing change and conflict in Peruvian society by promoting a culture of dialogue and consensus. In doing so, it supports social equity, justice, governance and citizen participation initiatives, all in a framework of economically sustainable development.

Since its inception in June 2006, Socios Peru has sought to develop its relationships with diverse sectors of civil society, the private sector, and the government in issues, including:  facilitation, dialogue and consensus-building; sustainable development; public resource management; strategic planning in mediation and negotiation; and conflict analysis and resolution. Through these activities Socios-Peru seeks to create favorable conditions for investment and development in the country.

The Center focuses on three core program areas:

1. Resolving Contentious Issues through Multi-Stakeholder Consensus-Building

Socios-Perú builds consensus around contentious development issues through its multi-stakeholder consensus building services, one of Partners’ signature methodologies.
Center facilitators, acting as a neutral third party, convene and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborative processes that move contentious economic and social issues beyond dialogue into long-term sustainable agreements for change. Facilitators train and convene government, civil society, and corporate stakeholders to discuss issues of common concern, achieve consensus, and develop implementation plans. Socios Perú is also creating a Consensus Facilitation Network which will facilitate the building and sharing of consensus facilitation expertise.

2. Promoting Good Governance at the Municipal Level

In Peru, public distrust of municipal authorities is high due to weak local government capacity, a general lack of accountability to citizens, and/or deeply entrenched practices of corruption or clientelism among the local elite. Socios Perú addresses these challenges by increasing citizen participation in decision-making at the municipal level through dialogue, cooperative planning and participatory budgeting. In particular, the Center is improving municipal accountability on the expenditure of mining canon funds (the royalty funds received by communities hosting mining operations) through community engagement initiatives.

3. Building an Institutional Culture of Cooperative Change and Conflict Management

Socios Perú collaborates with existing organizations and associations to strengthen the institutional capacity of governments, civil society organizations, and corporate stakeholders to embed a culture of peaceful change management and resolve complex issues by:

  • Training diverse groups in critical change and conflict management methodologies;
  • Advocating for new policies that advance the negotiation and mediation professions toward advanced consensus-building and conflict resolution techniques; and
  • Enhancing university-level change and conflict management curricula through the introduction of advanced conflict resolution and consensus facilitation methods.

Socios-Peru develops all three programs in the regions of Piura, Puno, and Apurimac to generate the social and governance conditions that allow the development of extractive activities. The Center channels its institutional efforts in building capacity of on-the-ground organizations, local government, and businesses to manage change in ways that benefits all parties, by promoting cooperation and agreement in critical economic and social issues achieving sustainable development in the country.

To find out more about Partners-Peru's recent activities, please see their newsletter.

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Center Profile

Local Name: Socios Perú/Centro de Colaboración Cívica
Director: Carlos Salazar
Center since: 2006
Contact Information:
Calle Chiclayo Nro. 919, Miraflores,
Lima 18, Peru
Tel: 51-1-444-1001


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