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How We Work

For 25 years, we have based our approach on building local leadership. Rather than arriving in a country with pre-packaged solutions, we identify local social entrepreneurs and support them to mobilize their communities to solve complex problems in a rapidly changing world.


Our methodologies can be grouped into three broad areas. We apply these techniques directly, and we train people to apply them and share them with others.

Fundamental Conflict Management and Resolution Methods
Participation and Consensus Building Processes
Leadership and Change Management Techniques
By sharing knowledge through our worldwide network, Centers have become cutting edge practitioners of methods such as negotiation, mediation and conciliation.  The Centers are uniquely positioned to adapt and apply these techniques within their local cultural context. Partners has pioneered mediation policies, laws, innovative processes, and initiated mediation associations and institutional systems. 
Based upon our experience helping people around the world participate in policy-making, planning and advocacy in a variety of sectors, we have created, tested and refined an innovative toolkit of approaches to facilitate dialogue and generate breakthrough solutions. Partners has pioneered Cooperative Advocacy and Consensus Facilitation as participatory decision-making models.
Partners’ expertise in leadership, organizational, and sustainable development gives us a unique niche in institution-building. In 2014, several Partners Centers will be over 24 years old. Organizational sustainability is one of Partners’ development hallmarks and the focus of Partners’ “Sustainable Leadership Program”.
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