Support for Training, Advocacy and Network Development (STAND) in the Gulf

Civil society plays a critical role in upholding democratic values to contribute to community resilience, from providing public goods and open political spaces, to holding elected authorities and governance systems accountable. PartnersGlobal recognizes the growing importance nascent organizations have in citizen engagement across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, especially in recent years of political transition and civil society growth.

Through the STAND model, PartnersGlobal works with local counterparts to provide developing civil society organizations (CSOs) with the tools they need to address social and economic challenges and build strong civil society networks. PartnersGlobal’s investment in our local counterparts in Partners Yemen, and Kuwaiti organization, en.v, has produced the following results:

  •  Trainings for 35 nascent organizations and 450 staff and volunteers, many of whom have taken theory to practice by completing small grants programs in their respective countries. These programs address key community needs, such as healthcare, public works projects, and women’s rights issues, while also expanding measures for community engagement, information sharing, and government accountability.
  •  Partners Yemen has increased its in-country presence and partnerships from just four provinces to 18 (out of 21), while en.v has successfully developed partnerships and secured funding from over five new diverse public and private funding sources.
  •  Together Partners Yemen and en.v have overseen 41 STAND small grants initiatives, distributing over $350,000 USD to support a wide range of advocacy efforts.

By encouraging the development of partnerships among CSOs, PartnersGlobal is laying the foundation for long term community building and putting in place social capital that will sustain beyond the life of the STAND project.


Funded by The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative