Reforming Pretrial Detention in Kuje Prison

The situation of pre-trial detainees in Nigeria is often dire, with the most marginalized rarely able to pay for the “three b’s”—bribe, bail, and barrister. As a result, people are left languishing in prison for extended periods.

Reform Kuje seeks to support the Government of Nigeria to achieve a significant reduction in the size of the pre-trial detention population in Kuje Prison. PartnersGlobal and our consortium partners New-Rule, PWA-Nigeria, and NULAI have adopted a three-pronged approach to this project. We are focused on capacity-building to improve case management, establishing strategic partnerships to bring access to justice closer to pre-trial detainees at Kuje prison, and leveraging technology and communications tools to raise awareness of available resources within Nigerian civil society.

Our team will connect Nigerian legal professionals and students with our US partners at the University of Maryland School of Law and Georgetown University Law Center to further strengthen the technical capacity of participants and promote cross-cultural exchange of know-how and experience.

Ultimately, this project will improve prison conditions, enhance respect for human rights, and decrease opportunities to radicalize the population in Kuje prison. This pilot project in one prison will demonstrate the positive impact of such reforms and promote further changes to the Nigerian criminal justice system at large.

Funded by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement


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