Local Engagement for Advocacy and Dialogue (LEAD) in Yemen

Integrating civil society and local community voices into national-level dialogue is essential to create transparent, peaceful, and representative political change. PartnersGlobal and Partners Yemen have worked with Yemeni civil society since 2012 to enhance the ability of local organizations to help citizens engage in the political transition process, including the National Dialogue Conference (NDC)

Through a comprehensive training program, PartnersGlobal has enhanced the capacity of 27 civil society representatives across eight governorates in Yemen to serve as local leaders in community dialogue facilitation, creating social and political platforms that have allowed for civilian engagement in the constitutional development process, local reconciliation, and post-conflict peace process agenda-setting. 4,680 Yemeni citizens, including women and youth, have actively participated in 79 public community forums and 46 agenda-setting dialogues, shaping recommendations put forth by Yemen’s National Dialogue representatives, promoting transparency in higher-level decision-making processes and countering prevailing perceptions of official discussions as an elite-dominated exercise.

As the state of the Yemeni political landscape has evolved, so has PartnersGlobal’s programming on the ground. Partners works with its local affiliates to respond to the most relevant needs of communities, helping civil society and local voices navigate the tumultuous lines of communication with national political actors. PartnersGlobal and Partners Yemen continue to support LEAD civil society organizations in a civic culture of accountability and active participation, promoting transparency in decision-making, community awareness, and dialogue to bridge local with national-level advocacy for reconciliation and  reform.


Funded by The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative 


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