Anti-Corruption Training


Anti-corruption practitioners are trained change agents certified by PartnersGlobal who have the right skills, knowledge and conceptual tools to support mayors and municipal employees embark on the reform process. The anti-corruption practitioner training has two components: Knowledge Building and Skills Building. The Knowledge Building component is based on self-study, including readings and written exercises. It aims to deepen practitioners understanding and improving their knowledge on curing and preventing corruption in local government organizations. It has 4 modules:


In each module participants study the readings, apply the concepts in specific situations, write papers and receive feedback from tutors.

Participants have included experienced social entrepreneurs, trainers/facilitators, and university professors. The Knowledge Building Component takes 8-10 months to complete.

The Skills Building Component is a 10-12 day interactive training program, during which participants gain new knowledge, skills and self-confidence, as consultants, facilitators and trainers, three roles that are essential when supporting mayors/public managers, initiating anti-corruption interventions in local government organizations.

The anti-corruption methodology in practice

The anti-corruption methodology includes the following stages:


Contact: Julia Roig, President of PartnersGlobal