PartnersGlobal is committed to building strong and adaptable civil society organizations. We work with civil society organizations through the entire phase of their organizational lifecycles. Our Organizational Resiliency Framework includes assessment, training, coaching, and accompaniment for civil society organizations at all stages of their growth.  Our global network of over 40 skilled trainers and facilitators provides CSOs with the critical inputs that they need during when facing organizational or political challenges.

Organizational Resilience

The Resiliency+ Framework helps new and long-standing CSOs identify the external threats and internal vulnerabilities that impede them from implementing resilient operations. Using this information, the Resiliency+ Framework proposes a menu of strategies, tactics, tools, and peer-to-peer assistance to help CSOs achieve the seven key drivers needed to adapt quickly in the face of closing civic space

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Protecting Civic Space

Global civil society organizations increasingly experience challenges to their ability to function in countries with growing authoritarian, nationalistic, divisive and restrictive environments. As political space for civil society comes under threat, PartnersGlobal is committed to assisting organizations develop skills and form networks to help CSOs accomplish their goals despite these threats.



Civil Society and Business Leaders: Forging a Needed Partnership

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Building Glass Houses with Civil Society

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Informing the Citizenry to End Corruption

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Civil society organizations, think tanks, and human rights defenders denounce the measures taken against the Institute of Strategic Studies and Public Policy (IEEPP) by the Nicaraguan government

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