Jessica Herzstein, Secretary

Jessica Herzstein, Secretary Back to Board President, Environmental Health Resources, PC

Dr. Jessica Herzstein’s career in global public health has focused on the health of workers and the workplace and on preventive medicine in communities. She has developed and implemented health promotion and disease prevention programs for workers and families in developed and developing countries with goals of improving the health of populations, and reducing acute and chronic disease and disability. She has worked in countries throughout Europe, southeast and central Asia, and North and South America to assess environmental hazards, improve health knowledge, and foster healthy and safe behaviors, all within radically varying legal, regulatory and cultural frameworks.
For almost two decades she served as global medical director at a Fortune 200 chemical and equipment manufacturing company where she developed innovative approaches to manage and respond to a wide range of local, regional and global worker and community health threats ranging from acute industrial or environmental exposure hazards, to threats from TB, HIV and hepatitis, to rapidly growing rates of noncommunicable diseases. She led global health crisis planning and the response to pandemics including SARS and H1N1. Dr. Herzstein previously oversaw U.S. worker health surveillance in the Department of Defense, worked with USAID in international partnerships to build sustainable environmental health expertise and capacity in Eastern Europe, and held academic positions at two medical schools.
Most recently, Dr. Herzstein served a 4 year term on the United States Preventive Services Task Force, a panel of specialists in primary care and preventive medicine appointed by the US Department of Health and Human Services, where she remains a consultant. This body sets the standards for screening and counseling for medical service delivery in the United States, with international influence as well. In addition to in depth reviews of science to develop evidence based recommendations on important conditions ranging from breast and colon cancers to tuberculosis and depression, she led a work group on communication and dissemination, developing tools to assist professionals and consumers with decision making.
Dr. Herzstein is currently working as a consultant on environmental health and population health. She is an advisor to a major public private partnership in Mexico charged with reducing obesity and diabetes. She is a Professorial Lecturer at the George Washington Milken Institute of Public Health. She is a member of the National Academy of Medicine’s Forum on Public Private Partnerships on Global Health and Safety which leverages the power of partnerships and cross sector collaboration to address a range of health needs among vulnerable populations, migrant workers and lower and middle income countries.
Dr Herzstein holds a medical degree from Yale University where she also received a masters in public health, specializing in environmental health. She completed training in internal medicine and preventive medicine at UCSF and at Harvard.